Welcome to the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre, a partnership between the University of Oxford and Oxford University Hospitals, funded by the National Institute for Health Research.

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Active involvement in clinical research at our centre in Oxford may give you the opportunity to have a say in how the research is carried out or to comment on research in an area that has affected you, your family or friends. Whatever time you can spare, or whatever your interests are in the work at our Research Centre, we welcome you to get involved.


We connect with schools to help generate interest and excitement among young people in biomedical research and the associated careers. We will show young people the potential that research has to change lives and how, as individuals they can take part by seizing on the vast array of career opportunities available or by participating in the research itself.

Events Coming Up
  • Friday 11 September 2015
    Learn about how the pioneering work of two physicians in Oxford during the seventeenth century revolutionised our understanding of how blood flows to and around the brain.
  • Thursday 17 September 2015
    Prof Angela Brueggemann will discuss the issues around the increasing prevalence of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in hospitals and the community.
  • Thursday 1 October 2015
    The NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative (DEC) Oxford 2-day course on diagnostic test development, evaluation and regulation.
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