Patients Active in Research (PAIR) – PPI Working Group

The PPI working group is guided by Patients Active in Research (PAIR) which brings the patient voice to the overarching PPI strategy of the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) and Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit (BRU). PAIR has equal numbers of patient and professional members (approximately 20 in total) and lay and researcher co-chairs.

PAIR guides and promotes involvement of patients in BRC/BRU research, this includes, for example, advising on priorities for new research, helping  to plan and run studies so that patients want to join them, and communicating new research findings to other patients and to the public.

The activities of the PPI working group and of PAIR are run and managed by the BRC/U’s Director of Patient Involvement and fall into several strands described in Projects. These focus on developing strong PPI activities while mindful of the need to measure the impact of such work, assessing whether, how and in what ways it improves research for patient benefit and providing practical resources to help researchers to do “good” PPI according to the current best evidence of what this is.

Alongside this, the working group also funds a health experience fellow and related staff, whose work is described in Projects and will become involved in other PPI activities as and when these are identified as potentially or actually beneficial.

The working group and PAIR are also mindful of the need to work collaboratively with other local organisations who also do PPI. In order to facilitate understanding of the local PPI landscape, we have developed a “map” which can be downloaded here:  Thames Valley Health Research Thames Valley Health Research.