Clinical Trials Units

The strategic aim of this working group is to transform Oxford's capacity to translate scientific discoveries into benefits for patients by enhancing the efficient and rapid conduct of all phases of clinical trials, maintaining Oxford’s competitive advantage provided by its expert clinical trials units.

The Surgical Intervention Trials Unit (SITU) is partly funded by the BRC Clinical Trials Working Group. SITU is a multidisciplinary team who provide training and support for the development of surgical trials and future trialists. They draw upon the considerable methodological and practical trials expertise in Oxford including six accredited trial units, statistical, ethical, health economic, systematic review, clinical network resources and the IDEAL collaboration. The directors are Professor Freddie Hamdy, Nuffield Professor of Surgery and Professor David Beard, Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences. Working as part of the Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit (OCTRU – Directed by Professor Sallie Lamb and Professor Doug Altman) SITU aims to be a centre of excellence for the design and management of surgical trials, welcoming surgical trials which aim to answer important problems in the UK and worldwide.

SITU strategic aims are:

  • To work with and encourage researchers in the design of randomised clinical trials using novel approaches for evaluating surgical interventions
  • To provide trials unit support in the coordination, management and delivery of innovative trials for researchers with surgical interest in all specialties
  • To operate to high standards of quality and performance, reflected in the quality of published research
  • To support translational research by the development of pilot studies evaluating new technology or interventions leading to randomised phase III/IV clinical trials
  • To provide expertise, training and development to researchers involved in surgical clinical trials from experienced researchers and clinical research trialists
  • To provide guidance and support to surgical specialist researchers to develop and conduct clinical trials in their area of expertise, ensuring trials are conducted to ICH GCP and relevant legal and regulatory standards

If you want to find out more about SITU please visit our webpage.


There are now 6 Clinical Trials Units residing within the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust:

-Clinical Trial Service Unit (CTSU)

-Diabetes Trials Unit (DTU)

Oxford Cognitive Health and Neuroscience Clinical Trials Unit

-Primary Care and Vaccine Collaborative CTU

-Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit (OCTRU)

-National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit (NPEU)