Research Themes at the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre

The Oxford Biomedical Research Centre undertakes translational research, meaning first time studies of medical innovations in patients, to improve healthcare delivery for all. Our research is divided into 14 research themes covering all areas of therapy.

Links to each theme are in the column on the left, where you will find a broad introduction to the work of the theme from the Theme Leader. This outlines the theme’s core expertise and principal areas of research and development, and how these may be applied to delivering new products, services and types of treatment.

In line with best current practice the BRC takes a very much cross-disciplinary approach, with each theme drawing upon the facilities and clinical research of colleagues in other themes. Advances in Genomics, for example, will be translated in other therapeutic areas in order to provide the basis for better diagnosis and treatment.

The subheadings within each Theme menu present the following:

Current and recent research projects in detail;
An overview of key theme researchers and contacts;
An up-to-date list of relevant publications.