The NIHR Oxford BRC wants to engage young people in research and has established several initiatives aimed at schools as well as working in close partnership with organisations specialising in schools outreach.

Career Inspiration

Our aim is to generate an interest and excitement among young people in biomedical research and the associated careers. We will show young people the potential that research has to change lives and how, as individuals they can take part by seizing on the vast array of career opportunities available or by participating in the research itself.

Meet the Researchers

To help inspire young people and give a flavor of the type of roles within biomedical research we have put together a number of profiles of real people – these contain information about their job roles, education and career pathways.

Meet Sue – Nurse Manager


Interactive Workshops

The Oxford BRC recently ran an interactive workshop for 50 school students from across Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties. This event introduced the students to the cutting edge field of translational research by using Genetics and Diabetes as examples. The students had the opportunity to meet a range of expert scientists and found out about their roles within translational biomedical research. During the day there were opportunities to find out:

• What translational research is

• About the range of careers within translational research

• How science and research has real life benefits

 If you are interested in taking part in events like this please contact us.

Stem Ambassadors

The Oxford BRC supports and actively encourages its researchers to take part in the national STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) Ambassador Scheme ( STEM Ambassadors are people from STEM backgrounds who volunteer as inspiring role models for young people. They can contribute both to regular lessons or participate in extra-curricular activities such as STEM Clubs, Careers Days and visits. STEM Ambassadors open the door to a whole new world for young people, helping them to see STEM subjects and careers with a fresh perspective and engage their interest and imagination in new ways. Each Ambassador is registered, trained and CRB checked.