Prevention and Population Care — Introduction

Launched in April 2012, the Prevention and Population Care Theme aims to improve the public’s health through disease prevention, earlier disease diagnosis, and better disease management, through improved applicability and delivery of BRC discoveries.

The Theme aims to:

1. Direct the general population range of disease phenotypes to better inform BRC translational science and experimental medicine studies.

2. Deliver proof-of-concept translational and modelling studies in generalizable populations to refine BRC discoveries, focusing on better disease diagnosis, surveillance, and management.

3. Develop and test innovative tools for facilitating integrated care pathways across the NHS.

Our work focuses upon the most important diseases burdening the UK and the NHS, and the most promising diagnostic, monitoring, and management technologies that may reduce this burden effectively.

We will provide a ‘real world’ generalisable and rapid translational population platform for the Oxford BRC, that will:

a) enable more representative experimental medicine studies in the Centre;

b) provide a conduit for proof-of-concept studies that test discoveries made in the Centre in more generalizable populations; and,

c) build tools and models for intergrated care pathways that will accelerate wider adoption of translational advances.