Diabetes — Key research staff

Theme Leader
Prof. Rury Holman, NIHR Senior Investigator, Diabetes Theme Lead and TTG Sub-theme Lead, Prof. of Diabetic Medicine, Diabetes Trials Unit Director

Theme Liaison Contact
Sue Beatty,
Nurse Manager,
Clinical Research Unit, OCDEM,
Churchill Hospital,
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 57202.


Key Researchers

Prof Fredrik Karpe, Prof. of Metabolic Medicine, International expert in human integrative metabolic physiology. EASD Executive Member, Royal Society of Medicine Section on Lipids in Clinical Medicine past-President, Morgagni Medal, CMC Vellore, India Adjunct Prof.

Prof. Peter Friend, Prof. of Transplantation, Consultant Surgeon, Director of the Oxford Transplant Centre. Major research interests in: (i) novel approaches to organ recovery & preservation, (ii) clinical immunosuppression (PI on the current 800 patient 3C trial).

Prof. Anna Gloyn, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow. Heads translation of genetic association signals into molecular mechanisms for diabetes. Her work is of translational importance; CRP & KCNJ11-PNDM and has been recognised by a suite of international awards and fellowships.

Prof. Stephen Gough, TPG Sub-theme Lead, Professor of Diabetes, Clinical Lead NIHR Clinical Research Network: Thames Valley and South Midlands and Strategic Clinical Lead for the Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) Diabetes Clinical Network.

Prof. Paul Johnson, Director of the DRWF Islet Isolation Facility and the Oxford Islet Transplant Programme, Prof. of Paediatric Surgery. Leads internationally recognised basic and translational research programmes in human islet isolation (including collagenase biochemistry and pancreatic matrix), and optimization of islet transplant outcomes.

Prof. Mark McCarthy, TGGG Sub-theme Lead, Robert Turner Prof. of Diabetes. Leading role in the major global research efforts in T2D genetics and genomics. ENGAGE consortium Co-ordinator.

Prof. Katharine Owen, NIHR Clinician Scientist. Established BRC Young Diabetes in Oxford (YDX) cohort, leads development and translation of biomarkers in monogenic diabetes, e.g. CRP.

Prof. Patrik Rorsman, Wellcome Senior Investigator, Prof. of Diabetic Medicine, Internationally leading islet cell physiologist.

Prof. Jeremy Tomlinson, Professor of Metabolic Endocrinology,  Consultant Physician, leads a translational program of research with the aim of understanding the molecular mechanisms by which steroid hormones modulate metabolic phenotype including lipid and carbohydrate metabolism as well as insulin signalling and action in liver, adipose tissue and muscle.