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WATCH: Simple approach to research is key to improving stroke treatment

Stroke is one of the biggest killers in the UK but world class research is helping cut the number of deaths and improve prevention. In the latest Oxford Biomedical Research Centre public talk, clinical neurologist Professor Peter Rothwell outlines leading stroke and related dementia research. He examines how new understanding is pioneering  earlier recognition of … Read more

Remodelling the Brain: an insight into research that could aid stroke recovery

Our brains adapt whenever we learn a new skill, such as juggling and they also adapt after damage such as stroke. In this Oxford Biomedical Research Centre public talk, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience Heidi Johansen-Berg shows how brain imaging allows us to watch the brain remodel, reorganise and rewire. Prof Johansen-Berg, a Wellcome Trust Senior … Read more

Study seeks people with memory loss

Research study (SCarlet RoAD) opens to test an investigational medication for the treatment of prodromal Alzheimer’s disease On 20 January 2012 the OPTIMA Project (Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing: Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford) based at the John Radcliffe Hospital, started recruiting for the SCarlet RoAD study, a research study of … Read more

The amazing story of my father’s brain

The Thomas Willis Oxford Brain collection features in this Sunday Telegraph article by local journalist Vikki Owen.  She talks movingly about donating her father’s brain to research and his struggle with MS. The Thomas Willis Oxford Brain Collection is a collaborating centre for the Brains for Dementia Research Initiative (BDR), which is a recently developed nationwide network of centres … Read more

The Alois community project – volunteering opportunity

The Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group, based at the JR Hospital, is running  a volunteer recruitment campaign in conjunction with the development of a free online course “Making Sense of the Evidence in Dementia”, primarily aimed at caregivers and former caregivers of people with dementia. It is a year’s Cochrane-NHS Engagement feasibility project funded … Read more

World Alzheimer’s Day – 21st September

With dementia affecting 750,000 people in the UK it has become a topic of great interest receiving recognition in government strategies, media campaigns and new research. Dementia is becoming more common and many of our lives are affected by the condition; 25 million people in the UK know a close friend, a family member or … Read more

Scientists look for examples of people’s writing for new Alzheimer’s study

Scientists at the Universities of Oxford, Southampton and St George’s, University of London are asking people with and without Alzheimer’s disease to come forward with examples of their writing as part of a study to identify changes in language use that occur with the condition. ‘We’re encouraging people to go to their attics, rifle the … Read more