Cardiovascular — Introduction

The overall objective of the Cardiovascular Theme is to use sophisticated technologies in cardiovascular imaging and genomic medicine to establish new diagnostic and treatment pathways, which can then be applied more generally across the NHS.

Specifically, we are working to:

  • Advance the emergency diagnosis and treatment of acute vascular syndromes including acute heart attack and stroke, through the development of new techniques and procedures in imaging and diagnosis available in the internationally unique Acute Vascular Imaging Centre (AVIC) facility.
  • Test new developments that allow the use of molecular genetics for diagnosis and management of inherited cardiovascular conditions (ICC) in the NHS; to develop new imaging biomarkers for diagnosis and risk prediction, and to assess novel, disease-modifying treatments in patient groups where the genetic characteristics of the cardiovascular condition is known.
  • Identify valvular heart disease (VHD) patients at increased risk, and to limit disease progression with new disease-modifying treatments, capitalising on the contribution of the large group of VHD patients established under the OXVALVE programme.

The Cardiovascular Theme is composed of five sub-themes:

  1. Acute Vascular Syndromes
  2. Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions (ICC)
  3. Valvular Heart Disease (VHD)
  4. Cardio- and Neuro-vascular Imaging Development
  5. Vascular Surgery