Blood — Introduction

Our aim is to develop and implement novel biologically based advances that transform clinical outcomes for patients with common blood disorders and for patients who need blood component transfusions.

Common blood diseases that we are studying include lymphoma, leukaemia, myeloma and red cell disorders. We have an active programme in blood stem cell transplantation, especially in defining new approaches to improve outcomes and make this curative therapy suitable for a greater number of patients.

To deliver our aim we are applying state-of the-art advances in science (genetics, molecular and cellular biology) with careful characterisation of our patients and their response to therapy, especially in clinical trials. There is active patient involvement in our work to ensure we address important areas of clinical need.


We have six main areas of research (sub-themes):

1) Myeloid Disorders and Stem Cell Biology.

2) Lymphoid Disorders.

3) Transplantation.

4) Red Cell

5) Transfusion Medicine.

6) Haemostasis and Thrombosis